Friday, October 15, 2010

wedding wishes come true

I wanted to revisit my wedding so many of them came true.   I'm very happy with myself for wishing these things in the first place :-)

3.  a ring bearer - this one didn't come true.  We didn't have an adorable little flower girl either.  Nope.  We would have LOVED to...but it didn't work out that way.  However, as luck should have it, two of my pretty little cousins were there...and they wanted to help out.  They passed out programs at the ceremony...were stellar at their duties by the way...and were completely entertaining at the reception.  I'm glad they were there!

19. the momentthe moment did fly by...but at the same time I was fortunate enough to be incredibly present in our ceremony.  I remember it.  I remember saying those sacred words.  I remember Tommy holding my hands. I can relive those memories and feel those butterflies...I feel blessed with that.  I'm glad my mind wasn't preoccupied with anything other than loving the man who stood before me.

20. avoiding the bridezilla:  I don't remember loosing my cool on our wedding day.  I asked around...nope...I didn't go bridezilla on anyone.  Success.

 21.  banish bashfulness:   I was nervous in those months leading up to the wedding - thinking about walking down the aisle with all eyes on me...or twirling on the dance floor...with all eyes on me....ahhh!  I'm kindof shy!!  Except...I wasn't at all on our wedding day.  It was full of people that love us - people that I love - who gathered to celebrate our union - it was AMAZING!

22. keep it small: I was initially really excited about keeping our guest list small and intimate.  And then it was hard.  Really hard.  Then I just wanted to invite everyone we knew.  But, I'm really glad we did manage to keep it small.  It was delightful...the perfect size...we could visit with people, hug every guest, and that was important to us.

23. budget: Since we paid for the wedding ourselves, we would clearly freak out about budget issues while planning.  Then we had personal dramas enter our world when I got in that car crash and we had to buy a new car...then my computer crashed and I had to buy a new computer...while crying all the way to the bank.  We went slightly over budget with the wedding.  And the world didn't end - in fact - the world was a little bit brighter.  Our wedding was simple, though lovely, and we never think about the money we spent.  It was worth it.  We don't beat ourselves up about going a little over budget...we wouldn't have done anything different.  We win.

24. slow down: I'm glad that the wedding didn't overwhelm my existence. Once the main details were in place, I chilled out - hung out with my sisters, my friends, studied, enjoyed Phoenix...lived life.  I'm glad it worked that way.


  1. It's awesome that so many of your wishes came true. I think pretty much all ours did too, which was lovely. Apart from it raining when we planned to have an outdoor ceremony, but that didn't even matter in the end and we got one hour of sun ( rain at least) so all our pictures were outside. I was worried about not "being there" during our ceremony too. I'd heard about that happening, but we were both right there, in the moment and remember every second and how we felt, which is completely awesome.
    And defo don't beat yuourself up about going over budget. What's a little money compared to having the most amazing day ever, that you'll only get to do once, eh! xx

  2. You really did accomplish the kind of wedding you set out for.

  3. Your singing and dancing cousins were awesome and super happy we got that shot from the balcony. You pulled off a fabulous day for everyone.

  4. You are one of the most thoughtful and sweetest brides out there. It is no wonder that many of your wedding wishes came true my dear.



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